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lipa wants to change the world. Our app is an alternative to traditional payment systems.

Sound money

We want fair money and fair payments for all - Bitcoin makes it possible: it is decentralized and transparent, money from people for people.

Bitcoin is sound money and we are convinced that it will become accepted as a means of payment.

Fair business

We want to reduce fees and transaction costs for transactions and make them transparent at all times. People who use lipa always have their money with them - not at a bank or financial institution. And not in the form of cash either.

High independence

We want the money to belong to the people. That’s why at lipa every user owns their own bitcoin keys (non-custodial wallet).

«The nature of Bitcoin is such that after the release of version 0.1, the core design was set in stone for the rest of its life.» Satoshi Nakamoto

People sitting at laptops.

History of lipa

In 2020, we three co-founders decided to start a crypto startup. We quickly realized that we could only stand behind one currency: Bitcoin.

At the Diginlab 2021 Fundraising Academy, we sharpened our vision and mission: our vision is a fair world financial system. Our mission to make fair payments simple and accessible to all. That’s how lipa was born.

Our culture

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We are an international and diverse team.

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We maintain a direct and honest feedback culture.

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We grow together by learning from each other.

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We develop lipa together and appreciate innovative ideas.

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We value open source and open standards.


Adrian - The tech guy


The tech guy
«If people understood the current banking and monetary system, there would probably be a revolution before tomorrow morning.» Henry Ford
Bastian - The reliability guy


The reliability guy
«Bitcoin is a new kind of money that is digital and independent of any government or corporation in the world. [...] It is the best money we have ever had.» Matt Odell
Patrick - The business guy


The business guy
«Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.» Nassim Taleb

Advisory board

Christoph - The scaling advisor


The scaling advisor
Tom - The market advisor


The market advisor


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