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lipa wallet for business

Cashless payments hurt small businesses with high fees. The alternative is called lipa.

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Here's how

  1. Screen that shows how to enter the amount to be paid.
    Enter the desired amount in francs or euros.
  2. Screen that shows the price in Bitcoin and a QR code to pay.
    The app converts to Bitcoin. The customer scans the code.
  3. Screen showing a successful payment receipt.
    Voilà! The payment is confirmed.

Transparent fees

With lipa there are no fees for the use of the app and for receiving transactions. We only charge 0.98% for the exchange of Bitcoin into your currency (EUR, CHF).

We use it to maintain the app and improve the services. Nobody earns a golden nose.

High security

All employees can create an Invoice (code to pay) but do not have access to the overall wallet.

Simple & compatible

The app is clear and compatible with all Bitcoin wallets. The data is directly transferable to various accounting systems.

Buy cheap Bitcoin

By receiving small contributions frequently, your business can buy Bitcoin at an average rate over time. And this without any exchange fee.

Enter the world of Bitcoin now and become part of our community. Together we can move the world.

lipa Wallet for Business

  • Zero lipa fees for receiving payments
  • Exchange into your currency (EUR, CHF) for 0.98% fee
  • Tip is shown per transaction
  • Your business gets Bitcoin with no exchange fee
  • No high initial costs: you use existing mobile devices
  • Works reliably: No problems with payment terminal
Screen showing the functions of the app.

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