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lipa wallet

lipa is for everyone. All you need is Bitcoin.

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Here's how

  1. Screen that shows the start screen of the wallet
    Install the wallet.
  2. Screen showing how to add Bitcoins
    Load your Bitcoin.
  3. Screen that shows how successfully paid
    Pay for your purchases.

Simple & fair

Nothing changes for you - but you make the difference. By paying with lipa, small businesses save on fees: They pay zero transaction fee instead of about 3% with traditional providers.

Maximum privacy

Your privacy is protected: No one can track your transactions alone.

Illegal transactions have no place with us: payments can be traced through elaborate tracking of multiple parties.

Bitcoin as an alternative

You want to change the world? Then do it. Together we can democratize power by using Bitcoin as an alternative to the current system. Let’s join forces - the future starts today!

Enter the world of Bitcoin now and become part of our community. Together we can move the world.

lipa wallet

  • Simple and fast
  • No tracking
  • Low fees with full transparency
  • You support small businesses
  • Your money always stays your money
  • No bank is involved
Screen showing the functions of the app.

Be there from the beginning!


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